I am Reptar, the king of the Dinosaurs!

Sounds familiar, right? Maybe this brings back fond memories of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons, a happier, simpler time.

 Well, there’s a way to dec your avatar like Reptar  FOR FREE.  

 This  Fortnite  skin comes equipped with an electric green dinosaur costume and backpack combo, with bold orange spikes, as well as a matching orange neck gaiter. One look from enemies, and  it’ll be their last!

 So now to the nitty-gritty on how exactly to get this nostalgia-inducing skin, as well as several others, for  FREE  ; first, one of the easiest ways to nab one of these free skins is by using your PlayStation 4 to become a member of PS3 Plus. By signing up this way, Epic games will give out free Fortnite packages.

 Another way to gain a new  FREE  skin is with using  Twitch Prime  — a premium service that also adds new skins, including this one, when linked with Epic Games.  But that’s not all!  There are even more ways to get Free Fortnite Skins accompanied with some purchases; for instance, by acquiring a  Battle Pass,  some rewards come with tons of new prizes, including these skins– but in order to initiate, it will cost some real or virtual money.

Finally, if getting a new console was already on the to-do list, companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft come prepared with a variety of packs, including the  console of choice and Fortnite skin.  Lastly,  Android-users  are in luck as  Fortnite Skins Free Tool  is a free game that allows for personal customization.  Bottom line, free skins are legal and there’s always a way to represent individuality without breaking the bank.

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